10 Killer Tips for New Bloggers – or those deciding whether or not to blog

You’ve heard that blogging is great. You’ve heard that Sharma aunty’s daugther and Nikku uncle’s son are earning butt loads by blogging. By now you feel left out of the blogosphere because you see too many people doing it! You want to do it yourself.

Where to begin? What do you say? How can you say it? Read on to find out just what you need to start and sustain your blog.

  1. Use WordPress

It is very important to own your blog. As time progresses, you will want this. WordPress lets you own your own your work and domain.

This decision will be invaluable when your online footprint grows. Besides, you will experience the joy of owning something for the first time!

  1. Find a Topic or Find a Theme. Know your audience!

Find a topic you want to blog about. Don’t worry about the length, but ensure that the content is killer. Review it with only one goal – will others care about this post? Period.

If you cannot narrow down on a topic, build on a theme. As you begin writing on that theme, topics will crop up and vice versa.

Whatever you do, know who you are doing it for. You cannot please everybody at once. If you write for fashionistas, then stick to that. If you write for photographers, then so be it.

  1. Read

Reading is to mind, what exercise is to the body. Everything you read will add to your knowledge. When you sit down to write about a topic, that knowledge will be channelized.

Your mental prowess and agility will not only help you finish a post, but also help you sustain your blog. Reading improves focus – another important requirement for blogging.

  1. Schedule

Schedule yourself to write 1 extra, unpublished post per day. There will be times when work will be too much, life will be too demanding, and your blog will suffer.

Always schedule at least 1 post for the next day – stay ahead of the game!

The more your write, the better you get. Write frequently. Make changes to your lifestyle to accommodate your blog. It should be like waking up, drinking coffee.

  1. Everyone started somewhere

While you’re at it, sooner or later you will feel intimidated by other bloggers. Always remind yourself, they were just like you some day. They fought through it and became intimidating to you – by doing the hard work.

Don’t give up on yourself – the best investment is investing in Yourself! Sustain the energy you have now, for 12 straight months.

Know before you get into it, it will take considerable time and effort to make money from blogging. Don’t get disheartened mid- way and give up.

  1. Say Thank You, Be Sincere

Ensure that you follow the people on Twitter who comment on your blog. Say thank you in any way you can for the views, comments, likes. Be sincere.

Build a tribe and treat them well. Communicate with them like you would off the internet. Respond to their emails, laud the comments, and be open to criticism. Learn from your mistakes, and mistakes of others.

  1. Be Interesting, Be Different

Unless you find what you say interesting, you won’t find anyone else who does. Make sure you work towards being valuable, interesting and good to know. Your personality should lead you to blogging, and blogging should be your personality.

Stand out from the crowd. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

  1. Build a following First

Create amazing content to build a strong following.

Network with other bloggers and be active in the blog community. Add value to create value.

  1. Be Passionate

Write your viewpoint. Write what you experienced. Write what you know.

  1. Add Social Buttons

Allow the reader to connect with the author of the blog, and allow him to share this amazing piece of information he has found.

A website or blog without social media buttons is likely to receive seven times less exposure.

Got any more ideas, feedback or comments? Please use the Comments section below. Like, share and subscribe folks! Happy Blogging!




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