dsc01007 Hope is all bundled up for the winter as I continue to tell you about her. She’s got herself primped and blow dried for this post. Please remember to tell her how she looks because she spent a long time with the brush and dryer. Girls I tell you!

Shy as she is, initially she didn’t want the attention blogging can bring, but after the compliments she got from the first post, she can’t wait to get her story heard. I personally think she enjoys the photo shoots and paparazzi.

So as I was saying she got her first aid on the evening of 7th October and she went to Top Dog vet clinic for 4 days straight. She was in a lot of pain so travelling was very difficult, but she pulled through. Dr. Chausalkar suggested that we take her to Dr. Prathamesh for further consult because it was spinal injury. He conducted thorough examination and informed me that she needs to rest for 1 month before he could comment about her future.

modi-kanan-01-aug-16-cr-from-10-oct-16-s0-i0One thing that all doctors told me was that prognosis was guarded because of the nature of her injury and her age. Surgery was ruled out because there are no options for such tiny bodies.  Besides, she was still unstable and quite traumatized from her accident. The plan was to stabilize her for a month before we could decide anything at all.

modi-kanan-01-aug-16-cr-from-10-oct-16-mangesh-1-s2-i0So for one month baby Hope was given extensive medication and round the clock feeding every 4 hours. We had to ensure she was warm (kittens have a higher body temperature than humans). She had to be given water at the right intervals to combat her dehydration. Bladder stimulation was as essential as everything else. Through this period, she had the best foster mama any kitten could have got. Anita aunty gave it her all to take care of Hope. That too when she had 11 other cats at home. She sacrificed even her sleep to restore Hope’s health.

At this time, Hope was given alternate healing daily. I cannot tell you how much peace that brought her and us. Most days, we were over worked because of her condition. Alternate healing in the form of Reiki and Quantum 2 kept us grounded. Hope made me want to learn Reiki and practice it. She responded so well to energy healing that I could actually see her sleep and health improve.

fotorcreated14-novAnita aunty discovered that her kisses were Hope’s treats. She would lay thousands of kisses on Hope every day and she taught me to do the same. When Hope came to me after 3 weeks with aunty, my sister was visiting us. I was quite nervous because she was delicate but my sister took over and learnt bladder stimulation from aunty. This is one of the most delicate things to perform. One has to put just the right pressure lest the bladder bursts. Devanshi would take care of all of Hope’s needs. She would play with Hope and took her to a point where she started extending her front legs like a handshake. Oh that was a day!

Soon, it was 26 November, 2016. The day of reckoning for Hope’s human family. Dr. Prathamesh was supposed to tell us whether or not Hope would be a normal kitty. We were so close to her that our whole existence revolved around her. We would talk to her, sing to her, tell her stories, watch movies with her and this kitten would respond to all this human interaction like a boss! We bounced into the clinic thinking about nothing but good news.

DSC00995.JPGHe went about his examination for a full twenty minutes. He turned to me and said she had lost all pain sensations in her limbs and would remain like this forever. He suggested me to put her down because she had Degenerative Spinal Disease and that would slowly fail her organs. Here I was, holding a kitten so full of life and naughtiness, and the verdict was that she would never walk again. I left the clinic and cried all the way home.

All this time, Hope was consoling me. She nibbled on my fingers, licked my hand, kept bumping her head on my nose. It was as if she was telling me that she is too strong to be brought down by this prognosis. She came home and went about her day like nothing had happened. I on the other hand was shattered. We met a few other doctors after that but they all said the same thing.

DSC01046.JPGWe have come a long way since then. Homeopaths Dr. Ashima and Renu Nath are supporting us. She takes medicines every 2 hours and has grown beautiful by the day. Her zeal for life is just the same. She overcame a week of bloody diarrhea like it was nothing. Hope has taught me that if you have love, you have everything. She isn’t bothered about her handicaps in the least.

She loves watching my other cats run around. She tries to befriend them, but so far they haven’t warmed up to her. Humans are her best friends and she gives her love to any one who comes to meet her. She will lick your hand and purr excitedly at anyone who caresses her body. She has a great memory and remembers all those who have been there for her.

DSC01055.JPGEvery day I see her, I realize the power of inner strength and patience. She cannot run, she cannot curl up against me like my other cats, she cannot even eat on her own. She has to rely on me for a drink of water even. And yet, this girl loves herself and her gift of life more than anything else in the world. She waits patiently for the cats to come to her room and play around her. Nothing brings her down. She is always happy.

To all those who will read this story, I ask that your keep her in your prayers. Please tell her story to your friends and family because Hope has a marvelous life. She may never be like a normal kitten physically, but she has the strength and valor of a hundred cats. One needs to see it to believe it actually. How many of us would remain positive if we were like this? I cannot even answer for my own self, let alone others.

Pray for Hope.


2 thoughts on “Finding Hope

  1. ‘Hope’ is a story of a God’s beautiful creation in its struggle to survive through sheer inner strength and perseverance against all odds. With positive people like Anita and Kanan nursing it and all our prayers,  it is only a matter of time that Hope recovers……
    We pray for Hope with Hope.


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