“Did you feed that cow today?”

Parents wish to teach their children about religion from a young age. They send children to dharamshalas to learn about religious scriptures, to temples to learn about religious practices and god. …

Source: “Did you feed that cow today?”


“Did you feed that cow today?”

Parents wish to teach their children about religion from a young age. They send children to dharamshalas to learn about religious scriptures, to temples to learn about religious practices and god. While imparting these life lessons to young minds they inadvertently commit a fundamental atrocity to the life of other beings in the environment.  Does this sound familiar?

cf3f0570-6dc7-4345-a585-45c47365bcd4.jpgYou went to the temple with your grandparents one Sunday morning, bathed, dressed and smelling of fresh soap and powder. You chanted the religious mantra of your god, accepted prasada and came out to feed the cows standing outside. You were told that feeding cows will always bring you wealth and happiness. You were fascinated by the gentle giants before you, who accepted grass from your tiny hands. You asked, “Dada, where do cows live?” and were told about a magical place called a Gaushala where they lived with their families and had a great life. You asked, “Why is she tied?” and were told that is so she doesn’t run away and hurt herself. Your little mind spotted the flies surrounding her, the dung stuck to her body and the distress in her eyes but you dismissed all this because you were told by a trusted source that she was okay. Thus, started your journey of believing that animals are meant to be this way – they survive everything. They have some magical mechanism to overcome all obstacles.

Here is the reality of what happens to these cows that are so “gently tethered” to electric poles outside temples so we can earn some punya. These cows are nothing but a business commodity for the cow mafia.

  1. They are tied outside temples so money can be made out the grass and laddoos a1aebd93-54f8-4db7-a97f-7c2e3535fe1c.jpgpeople feed them. They are not fed if no one buys grass that day – or overfed in the name of good.
  2. They are leased so no gaushala maintenance will be needed.
  3. They are kept there all day and night even when “business” hours end. No one cares if it rains or is hot.
  4. The ropes used to tie them are barely a few inches long and sometimes they remain standing for days on end because the rope is too tight to sit.
  5. Harmless looking old women, who can barely walk themselves, are made to herd them because people will take pity on them.
  6. Cops, BMC and temple trusts are all bought in on this racket – they will never stop cows from standing at busy roads because they get haftas
  7. When they become healthy enough they are sold for beef.
  8. As per the law, you cannot confiscate a cow until you can prove that you will manage her upkeep. So regular joes like you and me cannot save them unless a gaushala wishes to take them.
  9. Gaushalas that truly work for the benefit of cows- not forcibly inseminating them for milk or selling them for beef are in a debilitating condition. Cows there have barely one meal a day to eat.
  10. One to two day old calves are also not spared. At a time when they need mother’s milk, they are separated from the mother and brought out for business because people feed them more – food they don’t even know how to eat!

How do I know all this? What is the basis of my research? I freed 2 cows and a calf a couple of days ago and found this out for myself. Stood at the spot for 4 hours before taking any action. They are now safe at my gaushala. Ever since, I am flooded with calls to rescue cows all over the place – some I can and will save and some I will not be able to alone – they are owned by an MP famous for amorous activities.

Citizens need to stop this practise NOW. If you wish to feed cows, go to respected gaushalas and feed them there. No need for any monetary donations – just make a day of it and care for them in an environment where they are truly safe. One suggestion is celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions by giving back to the society. Double your joy by saving lives.

Don’t keep quiet when you see animals being ill-treated. It is your business to speak up. If not you then who? It is a myth that they survive and this is how they are meant to be or this is what animals deserve. They don’t! Animals are sentinent beings. More intelligent and compassionate than most humans will ever be! You think the cow likes this? You really think she cannot stop you from tethering her? You really think she cannot hit you back if you hit her once? She doesn’t because she knows its wrong! Learn from this and stop this nonsensical practice where you think you’re getting some punya – you’re not. God doesn’t want this and doesn’t like it either.