Children of Motherland – Fighting Mange



Recently I have started a fight against Mange or Scabies. I know it is a tough and unrelentless battle that consumes both the human and animal, but I really want to see it go.

IMG_20160518_121343[1] I believe the most painful disease that an animal is afflicted with is Mange/Scabies. The poor soul is left scratching till its skin bleeds and loses all his hair but is still not free from it. It is caused by a vigorous tick infestation – who suck the blood of the animal until it has even a single hair on its body. Even though the ticks and fur have fallen, the animal is left looking so ugly and smelly that humans pelt stones to shoo away the monster.

They wont feed him, wont let him sleep in peace, wont bother to show him to a doctor. They just want him gone. The poor animal is surrounded by negative energy along with bodily pain and discomfort.

The only way to treat this disease is by giving regular baths to the dog, feeding him very good food and medicines. When its a stray dog, all these challenges become huge even if you have the time and resources – he may not be friendly enough to trust you in the first place. He may not eat his medicine because you are a stranger. Will definitely not allow you to bathe him because he doesn’t know what a bath is. He may run away after the first dose, fearing your return with the yuckie pill.

mange.jpgNGOs are so busy with accident cases and politics that these patients are left to suffer this fate for years. Ground workers either cannot take the dog to the vet, or do not have enough means to help them – time, resources, help, support.

I’m writing this post hoping to draw your attention to this painful, soul crushing disease so the next time you see a patient, you think of a way to help.

  • Call an ambulance and send the patient to the nearest NGO, post that you may check up on him through your phone.
  • Try to find volunteers in your area using Facebook pages like Indian Animal Forum
  • Try to understand if you can enter this field for this one patient and do your bit for the society around you.

If each of us takes up the responsibility of just 1 stray – we will transform their condition within 2 years. We will have met the goals of the ABC program, vaccinated them all against Parvo and deadly diseases, ensured that they are fed healthy food so they never have to suffer Mange again.

Let us try to eradicate at least 1 disease from their race. Let us try and associate ourselves with at least 1 of community animal this year so we can improve the quality of their lives.






**My Ketto campaign has more details about how I plan to fight this disease. You may visit and share your support by contributing and/or sharing it with friends and family. Lets come together and help these beings in any way we can.