Until We Meet Again

As I bade you a tearful goodbye, my eyes reminisced the day I brought you home,  injured, scared and lost. I was sorry to see you go, and yet happy that I was able to fulfill my promise to you. You had a ‘forever home’ and ‘forever family’ who would love you as much as I did.


Every one at home cried their hearts out after I shut the door. They had got more attached to you than they realized. They turned around to see you hopping about the house, playing with your ball. Chotu looked everywhere for you. The house has fallen silent, my bed is empty.

You will ask me why I let you go, if this is what I felt. IMG_20160425_174356.jpgYou may hate me for a few days and then try to forget me. Believe me when I say this, it is better for you that you are with them – the family that will curl up with you on their pillows, the family that will cherish the pitter-patter of your tiny feet. That is your forever home. I couldn’t have provided you that stability. Know this, I will help many more in your wake.

Be brave  my boy, be yourself, and spread your joy where you have gone. Remember that you are loved, missed, and we will always be there for you if you need us. We were but a pit stop in your destination to health and happiness.

The day I brought you home, people around me said I rescued you, but in more ways than one, you rescued me my son. Thank You for loving me.


-Until we meet again





Handle bar and Me

Dear readers, apologies for the unexplained radio silence from me. I had retreated into myself to find something to write about. Just when I thought I don’t have it in me, a miracle struck and brought me back.

It so happened that I was travelling with Dad to his office via amchi local. We wanted to travel together so I got into the second class “gents” compartment -something I would never do if I were alone. Being with my Superman, gave me the strength to tolerate lecherous eyes. Much like other times, this wasn’t to be a peaceful ride. A seemingly decent looking, typical uncle thought to catch the handle bar behind me. We were standing near the gate, against the steel wall.

It being a crowded compartment, there was no space between me and the Hand. It was resting happily on my breast. Most of you who know me, know that I have a phobia of being touched by strangers, making my body shudder upon contact. It’s physically painful for me to experience unwanted contact. Immediately I strapped Superman’s bag across that shoulder to cause a barrier. It was of little use. Next I placed my hand in such a way as to hold the strap. While there was still contact, at least it was with only the back of my hand. All this time, I could see that he had a hold right above him.

My discomfort was magnified by my need to protect Superman. Had I said anything, he would fly into a rage, and the beginning of his workday itself would cause his aches. Right behind this “gentleman” was a young man. He leant forward and said something to him. Immediately I categorized him to be like his uncle/friend and went back to thinking how to end this unwanted contact. Stations flew by, the train didn’t stop, the crowd didn’t thin, and I couldn’t think of a single peaceful way to make this man go away.

Minutes later, I saw this young man muttering to himself in his native tongue that “purposely not moving, hold right here” (loose translation). I was touched. Soon the train stopped and they all alighted, but the middle aged man got back in, stood with his pelvis touching my side. This young man stood transfixed to the spot, staring angrily at the old man, trying to get his attention. The train moved forward, and my suffering continued until the old man alighted the train.

The only thing that kept me going was the involvement of the young man, the concern and anger in his eyes. I thank him silently for his effort. No one else was bothered by my plight. I pray for more men like him, so my future generation experiences nothing but chivalry.



A Rabies Free India

shittilapallyKochouseph Chittilappilly is offering us a dream – A Rabies Free India. The poster for this event begins positively with sheltering strays, sterilizing them effectively and covering all stray animals by PCA rules. Sublimely it includes ending preferential treatment to dogs, overthrowing AWBI’s ‘obsolete’ ABC Rules and provide free treatment to victims of stray biting. The Real Agenda is between the lines – Cull Stray Dogs. He even plans to send them to the Yulin festival in China, where stray dogs are cooked alive as a festivity.

I ask my readers if this is the India they want to live in – where Life has no value. th3LLLLZ0EIf this is the India they want to advance – where Killing is Second Nature, The Only Solution Implemented.

Under the leadership of this gentleman 40,000 dogs have been killed by poisoning. Jayalaxmi K’s eyewitness account in IB Times on 27 July 2015 describes how an innocent, playful streety was lured into this trap. She learnt that this was a daily practice. Similar is Beena William’s account of her experience – 40 pups and dogs piled up in the open and more arriving by scooties.

Here is what religion has to say about Co-existence with Animals:

  • The Bible shows that God made his covenant with animals as well as human beings
  • The doctrine of right livelihood teaches Buddhists to avoid any work connected with the killing of animals
  • Muslims believe that animals must be treated with kindness and compassion
  • Hinduism believes that animals have souls and are worthy of ethical consideration. Humans who live immorally are believed destined to be reborn as animals.

I appeal to all my readers to attend this ‘Awareness Program’ and question this gentleman on:

  • How he is justifying this mass murder.
  • Why Kerala cannot use the methods of her neighbours, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
  • How he can squander money for Killing but will not spend towards Sheltering, Vaccination against Rabies, and Sterilization.
  • Why he has the mind set to kill above everything else.

Dogs.jpgI urge you all to sign this petition on change.org, to contribute your view and vote against these barbaric practices. Join us in helping with sterilization, sheltering and vaccination so that we can control the number of strays and stop them from meeting drastic fates. Life must be valued and respected – we do not have the right to kill.

The weak and voiceless need you today!  For centuries Indians have lived with kindness and compassion. Do you think our nation will advance if we leave core values behind and resort to lowliness?Vaccinate

Requesting you all to use the Comments section of this post to share your opinions/queries/thoughts. All my activist friends and I will answer each of you to the best of our ability.

Women’s Day

Every year I’ve welcomed this day with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m happy that women get this global recognition and celebration, on the other, it’s a little too patronizing for my taste.

Since 1908 Women across the world use this day to demand equal voting rights, better pay, shorter working hours and safety measures. Have they got what they deserve?

Women are still subjected to honour killings, sexual assaults, imprisonment for opting for an abortion, abandonment because of medical bills, genital mutilation and female foeticide. Roosh V’s Facebook page is still up there advocating rape be made legal on private property. Under Sharia law, rape victims are punished as adulterers. Rape did not occur if it was not witnessed by 4 men, and confessed by the rapist himself!

The world has transcended many horizons, but women still need to fight for their right to be “not raped”. The sales, freebies, congratulations are all very flattering – until I realize that this celebration is of gender inequality.

What the frack should I be happy about this Women’s Day? There is nothing to celebrate until women are “given” *eyeroll* equality in our society. Sometimes I wonder if women struggle so much because they are still waiting to be recognized. Maybe if they just decided to stop giving a damn about men and their hypocrisies, they could finally be. What do you think?

-Sincerely, Women’s Day




10 Ways to Own your First Job

This post is aimed at all my contemporaries in their 1st jobs. I’ve now graduated to that phase where I will never have a 1st job. Whatever I do will be second and hopefully a third one too. While I have mixed feelings about this, I want to share my experience for you newbies because you have that sweet joy of YOUR OWN FIRST JOB. You’re finally there!

What do you do with this New Beginning of sorts? How do you Own It when the euphoria and surprise die down? How do ensure that you are on top of the First Job each day, every day? Read on to know The Answer..

If you’ve been doing it for some time, here’s a checklist, a reminder whatever you call it, to prove you’re owning it.

  1. Celebrate it

Yes, you read it right – celebrate it. Make sure you enjoy yourself into the wee hours of the morning, and then some. Drape yourself in the finest and paint the town RED!

Nothing boosts self-confidence more than applauding yourself for all the hard work of graduate school.

  1. Figure out what it means for your future

Many of us get placed into jobs from our colleges. Many of us want it because everyone else wants it. Is that the right reason to be in the job? No. It will never bring out the best in you.

When you’ve read that offer letter, make sure you’re signing it because that’s what YOU want out of the next few years of your life. Professional lives are demanding – physically and emotionally.

New joiners need to put in long hours to learn the ropes, and gain trust of their seniors. New joiners are not always welcome – personal experience. Don’t expect it to be like the first day of graduate school. It would be anything but.

  1. Brush-up before you join

If you have a break between the day you got your job, and your First Day, make sure you’ve brushed up your grad course. If you can do a certification, you’re a champ! That doesn’t mean it’s a must, but don’t skimp out on revision for sure.

If you have a short time, try to cover important topics. But revision is a must! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you no longer need to study!

  1. Know where you’re going

Try to find out the culture of the company, its beliefs and values before you think of joining. The core values of the company should match your personality.

Working in an environment unsuitable to your personality won’t kill you, but it will stifle the crap out of you – personal experience.

Not only will it will hinder you from being your best but also may bring out shades of you that harm you – another personal experience.

  1. Make mistakes

Make mistakes and learn from them. If you try to be too careful, you won’t learn much. In fact, when it’s your time, you won’t be able to teach much.

The moment you bind yourself to so called perfection, you stop trying new things – in fear of breaking that record. Soon, you stagnate yourself and stop enjoying what you do. The more you things you try, the broader your experience grows.

  1. Learn, Learn, Learn

Make sure you’re putting in some extra time each day into honing your skills. Once your work begins, you will start to do fixed activities each day, and while activities may not increase, but work load surely will.

Only you can ensure that you have the necessary industry certifications and exposure in your area of interest and expertise. Join technical forums and be in touch with others in the field. You’re job will not teach you everything!

  1. Invest from the start

Granted that as beginners we don’t always have the best packages, but do not neglect forming thrifty habits. Always set aside some amount as “savings” and grow that percentage directly proportional to the increase in your package.

Find out about mutual funds offering SIPs and invest in at least one. They allow very small amounts as investments too. Find insurance policies that suit you.

  1. Plan your Trajectory of Growth

Organizations have their yearly appraisal programmes where ratings and promotions are awarded based on year round performance. Ratings are divided into bands and decide your next level and salary hike.

Many people have the habit of gearing up around appraisals. While this may work, if at all, for quarterly or six-monthly cycles, it surely doesn’t do much for the final round. It sure as hell doesn’t grow you into a skilled resource. This is the surest way to make yourself stand still.

Instead of having one big ass, achievable-in-long-term goal, have milestones. This will keep you on your feet and add excitement too. It will teach you new ways to do things. Appraisals contribute to salaries, but not to your market value.

  1. Document Everything

Whenever you learn something new implement it, and then document it. Not only will you be able to refer it in future, but also learn the delicate skills of documentation.

  1. Quit when it stops being fun

The day you wake up and frown at the thought of your job, quit. Don’t force yourself to drudge up hours – you’re not benefitting anyone.

Find the next thing that interests you and begin again!

Please use the Comments section to let me know how you benefited from my post! Let’s discuss!




10 Killer Tips for New Bloggers – or those deciding whether or not to blog

You’ve heard that blogging is great. You’ve heard that Sharma aunty’s daugther and Nikku uncle’s son are earning butt loads by blogging. By now you feel left out of the blogosphere because you see too many people doing it! You want to do it yourself.

Where to begin? What do you say? How can you say it? Read on to find out just what you need to start and sustain your blog.

  1. Use WordPress

It is very important to own your blog. As time progresses, you will want this. WordPress lets you own your own your work and domain.

This decision will be invaluable when your online footprint grows. Besides, you will experience the joy of owning something for the first time!

  1. Find a Topic or Find a Theme. Know your audience!

Find a topic you want to blog about. Don’t worry about the length, but ensure that the content is killer. Review it with only one goal – will others care about this post? Period.

If you cannot narrow down on a topic, build on a theme. As you begin writing on that theme, topics will crop up and vice versa.

Whatever you do, know who you are doing it for. You cannot please everybody at once. If you write for fashionistas, then stick to that. If you write for photographers, then so be it.

  1. Read

Reading is to mind, what exercise is to the body. Everything you read will add to your knowledge. When you sit down to write about a topic, that knowledge will be channelized.

Your mental prowess and agility will not only help you finish a post, but also help you sustain your blog. Reading improves focus – another important requirement for blogging.

  1. Schedule

Schedule yourself to write 1 extra, unpublished post per day. There will be times when work will be too much, life will be too demanding, and your blog will suffer.

Always schedule at least 1 post for the next day – stay ahead of the game!

The more your write, the better you get. Write frequently. Make changes to your lifestyle to accommodate your blog. It should be like waking up, drinking coffee.

  1. Everyone started somewhere

While you’re at it, sooner or later you will feel intimidated by other bloggers. Always remind yourself, they were just like you some day. They fought through it and became intimidating to you – by doing the hard work.

Don’t give up on yourself – the best investment is investing in Yourself! Sustain the energy you have now, for 12 straight months.

Know before you get into it, it will take considerable time and effort to make money from blogging. Don’t get disheartened mid- way and give up.

  1. Say Thank You, Be Sincere

Ensure that you follow the people on Twitter who comment on your blog. Say thank you in any way you can for the views, comments, likes. Be sincere.

Build a tribe and treat them well. Communicate with them like you would off the internet. Respond to their emails, laud the comments, and be open to criticism. Learn from your mistakes, and mistakes of others.

  1. Be Interesting, Be Different

Unless you find what you say interesting, you won’t find anyone else who does. Make sure you work towards being valuable, interesting and good to know. Your personality should lead you to blogging, and blogging should be your personality.

Stand out from the crowd. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

  1. Build a following First

Create amazing content to build a strong following.

Network with other bloggers and be active in the blog community. Add value to create value.

  1. Be Passionate

Write your viewpoint. Write what you experienced. Write what you know.

  1. Add Social Buttons

Allow the reader to connect with the author of the blog, and allow him to share this amazing piece of information he has found.

A website or blog without social media buttons is likely to receive seven times less exposure.

Got any more ideas, feedback or comments? Please use the Comments section below. Like, share and subscribe folks! Happy Blogging!



My first Blog Post

This is my first blog post. After many years of shy deliberation, am foraging into the world of blogging my thoughts to the world.

I promise to write noteworthy content and articles that will help, motivate and excite you.

Here’s to a new beginning. Please leave me your thoughts, experiences, ideas and encouragements, because this is the first step to a new ladder!

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